I am Divine Mother. I know who you are. When you are in your Self, you are growing and changing with joy and delight. When you are caught in the cage of a small self-identity, you are unsure of yourself, afraid, and lack self-confidence.
We can become trapped by other people's energy and can't get back into our own center. Try this to get out from under bondage.
Let the Universe support you. You deserve wealth. Money is a flow of energy. Learn how to welcome its flow into your life. Step into your heart, step into your purpose, step into your prosperity.
This energy healing tool will break up the vibrational structures that repetitive negative thinking creates to enslave us to the past.
Use this Divine Mother vibrational tool to break up thought patterns and belief systems that bind you.
Treat yourself with Love. Dissolve blame and shame from the past and open new habits of self-worth, honor, and nobility of presence. You are a Divine Being in a physical form, and Divine Mother will break the fears of the past.
It's time to change. The lost power is within you. Divine Mother will reveal it and show you how to claim your power and use it to heal yourself and others.
Power grows as you evolve. The ego can grasp that power and abuse it. This is dangerous to you and others and can cause dire consequences for the spiritually advanced. Divine Mother wants you to avoid this. Her help is necessary.
Prepare for the dynamism of 2018. Catch the wave of transformation in consciousness that this year is all about. Divine Mother will set us up for receiving the gifts of awakened consciousness.
You can use this attunement any time or any place for deep centering, powerful healing, and Divine connection.
This technique returns you to your True Self. Use it when you feel someone or some group has taken your power.
Divine Mother tool for canceling spells and curses, with explanation of how to use the tool
Esta declaración le da instrucciones completas para cerrar su aura a energías negativas.
What is the Christ Consciousness? Learn about this level of experience from Jesus, himself. This is a consciousness that you can have. Jesus will tell us what it is, how to receive it, and its benefits for you and all humankind.
Divine Mother wants you to claim your power. You are undermining your Self until you fully accept your Divine Nature. This meeting will connect you with your Limitless Divine Power and teach you how to use it in the challenges of everyday life.
You are clear, powerful and good. Your life is significant. You have knowledge to share and consciousness to awaken. Your heart is full. You are here to be a Master Teacher for this planet. Mother Earth and all humanity need you.
The Divine Mother tool gives you a procedure for clearing your house (or any building).
This Divine Mother tool gives you a process to clear ancestral karma.
Your energy field could be carrying ancient issues. Let's clear them! This session will release old pain, blocks and parasitic energies that have hung on for lifetimes. Become refreshed and renewed as we walk into the Divine Life.
This Divine Mother tool will assist you in clearing negative thoughts from your mental field.
Let Divine Mother take the last vestiges of the pain of separation from you. The human issues of shame, guilt and blame disappear as the human race lifts its consciousness into recognition of its Divine status.
This tool gives you complete instructions for closing your aura to limited energies
After using several of the vibrational healing techniques you could be very settled and deep. To bring you back to the activity of the outer world this “Closing” is recommended.
Complete set of 25 Divine Mother tools and more....
Divine wealth is available. We just need to change our point of view and heal the pain of unworthiness.

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