Welcome the Archangels! Divine Mother will join with the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and others for a glorious healing. You will receive a profound transformation as the Archangels and Divine Mother build in your life health and vitality.
Learn what Ascension is and what it means for you. Divine Mother tells us that we are all in the process of Ascending, that it is our birthright. What does this mean for us in our daily lives and for the future?
Our Auric field is an energy expression of our subtle individuality. Everything we think and experience is registered in the auric field. The aura needs to be healed and empowered.
What is the Christ Consciousness? Learn about this level of experience from Jesus, himself. This is a consciousness that you can have. Jesus will tell us what it is, how to receive it, and its benefits for you and all humankind.
Divine Mother wants you to claim your power. You are undermining your Self until you fully accept your Divine Nature. This meeting will connect you with your Limitless Divine Power and teach you how to use it in the challenges of everyday life.
We face many challenges on our spiritual paths. Learn about the courage it takes to proceed on your path and how to embrace it.
Divine Mother wants to have a close, personal relationship with you. She is already close to you, working with you daily, always trying to get your attention.
Divine Mother loves your family as you do. Her Love can heal your family. In this meeting She will give you some clear guidance and instruction on how to enlist her aid in healing your family's issues.
This very special healing focuses on activating the latent spiritual powers of our brain. Divine Mother will heal and activate energies so the brain can smoothly engage with the Ascension Process.
A one hour energy healing.
Our Gift Cards are perfect for sharing the healing power and wisdom of Divine Mother with friends and family. They are available in $10, $25, $50, $100 denominations.
Anger, fear, and shame color our individual expressions in the world. This healing will break the grip of these suppressed energies and free the authenticity of our Divine Self.
Focus on healing your family relationships and get tools to continue the process. Divine Mother will guide you into a deep healing for your family and provide Divine Wisdom for creating highest good for you and your family.
The chakras are energy centers in the body that are designed to maintain a powerful flow of Life Force through our systems. When the chakras are healthy they feed our physical organs with strong currents of Life Energy that empower the body with Light.
You are here at this time to become a Master of Energy. That means changing events and circumstances by working with subtle vibrational tools.
Ascension is your birthright. How can we embrace its Divine Blessings? Divine Mother will explain this phenomenon and clarify its significance.
Divine Mother knows how to release the density of depression. Let her show you how to permanently free yourself from the prison of depression and break into a new freedom. You deserve to be light and expansive and full of joy.
Learn how to lead from the heart. Divine Mother will guide us into a new rapport with life, a connection that creates harmony and brings forth the best in every relationship.
Let the flow of Abundance fill your life. Activate its flow for now and always. Divine Mother will dissolve obstacles to that flow, guide you into it, and teach you how to sustain it.
The mystery of Life is unfolding for you. Life is taking on new dimensions. Gain self-confidence in this process. Divine Mother will give it to you: It's time to embrace the mystery without fear.
What happens when you become so established in Self-Love that it guides your entire way of thinking, feeling, and acting? Your expanded heart, home of Divine Mother, sees you through what used to be life's challenges, and you receive them as blessings.
It's everywhere: talk of Oneness, Unity, Enlightenment, Wholeness. Seekers of all kinds wonder 'How close am I?' In this healing, Divine Mother will lift you significantly higher, and confirm your space, place, and pace of evolution.
If you have ever felt dominated, abused, used, forced, or controlled, you may have lost a part of yourself. Now is the time to bring it back. Divine Mother will explain how at times we can lose parts of ourselves, hide ourselves, give up ourselves.
Divine Mother is always on stand-by to assist us with any life crisis. Most life crises are spiritual emergencies! A higher power must be engaged to successfully come through.
Alchemy is Transformation. It can be used in the process of healing. Learn how to use your conscious attention to release dense, contracting energy and bring the life force into full expression any place that it is depleted. Become an alchemist!
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