Ask Divine Mother (½ hr)


Have you ever felt that you need guidance from God to handle the challenges in your life?

Do you sometimes feel like you are all alone in the world?

There is help and guidance and love available from Mother God. 

If you have questions that you think only Mother God can answer, Connie Huebner can help you. Connie Huebner has developed the extraordinary ability to contact Mother God directly. She converses with the Divine Mother every day. Connie goes deep within to the Silent Source. There she connects with the energy of Mother God to receive Her wisdom and guidance.

She can take your question before Mother God and receive Divine Mother’s answer to your question. It is like she is calling Mother God on the telephone and relaying the answer to you.

Once you purchase this service, someone will contact you to then schedule your appointment. Please allow one to three weeks from when you make your purchase here to when we might find an appointment time for you.

The price shown is for a 30-minute session. If you feel like you might want more time, just purchase two or more of the 30-minutes sessions.

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