Divine Mother's Individualized Daily Healing Program (1 month)


In response to a need expressed by some of Connie’s clients, Divine Mother has created a special program to deal with issues that need daily infusions of her Divine Energies of Light and Love - for instance, someone working to overcome an addiction, someone working on a specific health issue, etc. Each day, Connie and her team bring you or your loved one into the loving presence of Divine Mother where deep healing and transformation can take place.
The daily clearing of your specific issue is a shortened form of the full 2-hour Personal Divine Mother Guidance and Healing Session. The daily session includes clearing discordant energies, closing your aura to limitations, and lifting your vibration.  Connie has found that this program gives a big boost in overcoming whatever challenge is presenting. The momentum of healing is established the longer the person remains in the program. She has found it to be very effective in assisting troubled teens and those having a challenging time staying stable.
You are not alone with this challenge. Divine Mother wants to help you and your loved ones. All the Divine Beings of the universe want to help you. You just have to ask.  Sometimes clearing is necessary in order to receive. This program is a way to clear the way to receive Divine help. Loved ones do not have to know they are in the program..

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