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(This advanced course is for graduates of the Dialogue with Divine Mother and Living In Divine Grace courses.)

...There are great things coming out now in the process of healing and receiving Divine Wisdom, that I want to share with you. Advanced things that now you know how to use the tools we can explore and bring into the healing process. Our healings are truly quantum healings. We are changing atoms and molecules with our attention and intention to support the Divine Human. This is a breakthrough technology, to put it in modern terms. In spiritual terms it is a breakthrough for human consciousness.

While you'’ve been using the healing tools, Mother God has been working on you to culture your ability to stay in the Infinite Source while focusing your attention. This creates tremendous power for transformation. You are learning the mechanics of inner alchemy which dissolves blocks, transforms karma and raises consciousness.

I am forming a research group to take this Divine Mother work to the next level. You all have the skills to do this. They have developed by using the vibrational tools We are gong to be walking into the mystery of life and pulling out the next chapter of knowledge and its practical applications. I want to put together a group of LDG grads to research the newest methods for healing, health, longevity and union with the Divine.

Some of the things we will learn are:

1. Develop special perceptions;

2. Use the healing tools in more refined ways;

3. Learn how to use the ultimate weapon, “I am Infinite and Whole”

4. Learn to heal global and inter-dimensional negative entities.

5. Use the power of our group consciousness to unlock more of what we need to know.

We will also use this course for mutual support and caring, as we structure group healing situations to address the specific needs of each other, as well as for world issues.

We'’ll meet once a month for several hours so we can go deeply into relationship with our Divine Friends and learn all they have to teach us. Although I’m initially offering this program as a 6- or 12-month course, the plan is to continue indefinitely, to ensure a stable, highly-skilled, committed group of practitioners over time. The course fee for the 6-month option is $295, and a 12-month commitment will be $575. After this year, we will together review how best to proceed, and renew/retool the curriculum as guided.

Please e-mail me at l if you would like to join me for this next stage in Divine Mother's Great Awakenings. If you have any questions or concerns, I'’ll be happy to work through them with you.

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All Love and Light as we move into our next holy adventure with Divine Mother,


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