Transcript from the recording of "Your Evolving Physiology: Message from your DNA". Audio recording also available for some titles - check the 2-Hr Empowerment category
Transcript of the Empowerment session - recording also available for some titles - check the 2-Hr Empowerment category.
Transcript of the live class - 2-hour recorded healings are also available for some titles - check the 2-Hr Empowerment category.
Do you have a stressful life style? Do you need something to get centered and rebalanced? Transform your inner experience in thirty minutes with all Divine Mother’s powerful healing tools used sequentially.
You are a creator. The self-destructive patterns are asking to be dissolved. Compassion can melt them away. Learn to create yourself, instead of destroying yourself.
You have the ability to know so much more. With some subtle adjustments of awareness, Divine Mother dissolves the doubt and opens you to notice what's here and use it.
Find inner wisdom for your life and expand your perceptions of what you are capable of with Divine Mother.
Divine Mother will work with your energy system and your thymus and thyroid glands to increase stamina, immunity, and energy at all levels.
Many people have a wide open aura and are constantly collecting discordant, agitated vibrations that cause mental, emotional, and physical discomfort. Divine Mother will explain the need for training our auras to be resilient and empowered.
Stop feeling bad. You are a Divine Being in physical form. Divine Mother will show you how to access your Divine Self and use it to change your bad moods, fear, and disappointments. Feel better fast.
Esta técnica lo centra en la verdad de lo que usted es ayudándolo a ser más sincero consigo mismo. Si su integridad moral o la de alguien más está en riesgo, use esta afirmación que ayudará a recobrarla alineándolo con la Verdad Divina.
You are made of Light, and all sound is Light. Experience the power of Divine Frequencies for changing pain and fear into love and peace. Learn about vibration as emotion, thought, and intelligence. Learn to heal yourself with Sound.
Let your life flow with Love. In this meeting, you will learn a very powerful inner process that can serve you daily. It attracts Love to you. It is a gift from Divine Mother, a gift of Love just for you.
Is this even humanly possible, or desirable? In this healing session, Divine Mother and Friends will light your way into possibilities you may have never imagined.
Real Love is the energy that activates all life in the universe. Divine Mother will open us to that energy and reveal its power. Then we will step into the center of Love and engage in the Greatest Adventure of life! The day of Love is coming!
Divine Mother will explain Herself: Her life, Her purpose, Her love, and why She is here now on Earth and asking to be a part of your life. She wants to reveal Herself to you, answer all your questions, and show you who She really is.
Healing challenging relationships is a great gift from Divine Mother. She will give us the deepest knowledge on how relationships teach us about ourselves, and She will give us an understanding of what the challenges of relationships really are.
Our series on the Evolving Physiology continues with a healing for our Nervous System. Every organ and system in our body is intelligent.
As part of your ongoing "Evolving Physiology" series you will receive a deep healing and awakening for your DNA. The DNA is changing dramatically to support the new human.
Divine Mother heals and enlivens our brains. As we embrace the new Light that is filling the earth at this time, our brains need an upgrade.
This session focuses on healing the pituitary and pineal glands and learning what they need. The pituitary and pineal glands are awakening. Divine Mother pours life force into these glands. They want our attention now.
The spine is a complex, intricate structure that contributes to the strength and flexibility of our bodies. Divine Mother focuses her attention and energy into our spines for a powerful upgrade in the spine's ability to support our evolving consciousness.

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