When you are disturbed by events in the world, come to Divine Mother. This session focuses on healing ourselves and healing our world.
Our series on the Evolving Physiology continues with a healing for our Nervous System. Every organ and system in our body is intelligent.
As part of your ongoing "Evolving Physiology" series you will receive a deep healing and awakening for your DNA. The DNA is changing dramatically to support the new human.
Divine Mother heals and enlivens our brains. As we embrace the new Light that is filling the earth at this time, our brains need an upgrade.
This session focuses on healing the pituitary and pineal glands and learning what they need. The pituitary and pineal glands are awakening. Divine Mother pours life force into these glands. They want our attention now.
The spine is a complex, intricate structure that contributes to the strength and flexibility of our bodies. Divine Mother focuses her attention and energy into our spines for a powerful upgrade in the spine's ability to support our evolving consciousness.

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