Multidimensional experiences are opening. Many are now sensing higher planes and possibilities. Stay grounded in your heart as you integrate the depth of your awareness with the Divine Plane of life.
This technique returns you to your True Self. Use it when you feel someone or some group has taken your power.
Divine Mother tool for canceling spells and curses, with explanation of how to use the tool
Esta declaración le da instrucciones completas para cerrar su aura a energías negativas.
Receive deep healing for this powerful energy center. Divine Mother will unleash its power and free the deep pain of restraining the light within you.
Divine Mother will heal your chakras and awaken your divine sexual energy in the context of Truth, honesty, openness and Love.
Connect with the Christ within as this holiday season brings forth the energies of the Christ Consciousness. Experience the Christ Presence and receive His message of Love and transformation for the modern age.
Jesus Christ will be here to open you to Love, and then show you how to allow Love to hold you in its heart forever. When you are held in Love's heart, you can only respond lovingly to every situation.
The Divine Mother tool gives you a procedure for clearing your house (or any building).
This Divine Mother tool gives you a process to clear ancestral karma.
This Divine Mother tool will assist you in clearing negative thoughts from your mental field.
This tool gives you complete instructions for closing your aura to limited energies
After using several of the vibrational healing techniques you could be very settled and deep. To bring you back to the activity of the outer world this “Closing” is recommended.
Complete set of 25 Divine Mother tools and more....
We face many challenges on our spiritual paths. Learn about the courage it takes to proceed on your path and how to embrace it.
Divine Mother guides you in a process to create a flow of love between you.
The flow of Divine Love is an all-time reality through your crown, and this session wakes up your perception of that continual connection with all that is Divine. Then you can use this Divine Connection for success in all experience of life.
A 1-hr. deep healing with Divine Mother.
A 1-hr. deep healing with Divine Mother.
A 1-hr. deep healing with Divine Mother.
A 1-hr. deep healing with Divine Mother.
A 1-hr. deep healing with Divine Mother.
Use the deep go command tool for clearing the deepest traumas
The path of devotion takes great courage and provides profound awakening. At the same time, it heals deeply and opens our hearts. Experience the surrender of the path of devotion and understand its capacity for Divine Union.
Learn to talk to Divine Mother. Divine Communication is a natural step in your spiritual growth.

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