When the aura is strong and bright, it protects you from discord in the environment.
Use this Divine Mother vibrational tool to break up thought patterns and belief systems that bind you.
You can use this attunement any time or any place for deep centering, powerful healing, and Divine connection.
In this recording, Divine Mother expresses Her unconditional love for you. Enjoy this powerful and healing experience of Divine Mother’s love.
Nourish and soothe yourself with the most powerful, subtle medicine in the universe.
Our Gift Cards are perfect for sharing the healing power and wisdom of Divine Mother with friends and family. They are available in $10, $25, $50, $100 denominations.
Use this Divine Mother vibrational tool when you are feeling burdened, stuck, depressed, or overwhelmed by negative feelings.
Feeling stuck in your head? Want a closer connection to the Divine? The heart is where we connect to the Divine. The Heart Exercise revives the heart and breaks it out of the cages that have been placed around it. Then your inner wisdom can be accessed.
Divine Mother takes you into the Infinite Wholeness using Light as Her vehicle.
The exercise reminds you of who you really are. You are a Divine Being, infinitely loved and infinitely worthy to be loved.
This is one of the most important and frequently used Healing and Attunement Tools offered. Softening is one of the ways we "Let Go" and connect to our own true Infinite Self.
Do you have a stressful life style? Do you need something to get centered and rebalanced? Transform your inner experience in thirty minutes with all Divine Mother’s powerful healing tools used sequentially.
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