Welcome the Archangels! Divine Mother will join with the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and others for a glorious healing. You will receive a profound transformation as the Archangels and Divine Mother build in your life health and vitality.
Divine Mother will teach you how to annihilate fear. You are a Divine Being. She can infuse you with Her strength and break you through to the place in you where there is no fear.
Multidimensional experiences are opening. Many are now sensing higher planes and possibilities. Stay grounded in your heart as you integrate the depth of your awareness with the Divine Plane of life.
We face many challenges on our spiritual paths. Learn about the courage it takes to proceed on your path and how to embrace it.
The flow of Divine Love is an all-time reality through your crown, and this session wakes up your perception of that continual connection with all that is Divine. Then you can use this Divine Connection for success in all experience of life.
Many people are experiencing personal life challenges that throw them into a tailspin. Divine Mother is reaching out Her hand to pull you out of the whirlwind into Her Life. Learn how to accept this amazing support.
Divine Mother loves your family as you do. Her Love can heal your family. In this meeting She will give you some clear guidance and instruction on how to enlist her aid in healing your family's issues.
Our Gift Cards are perfect for sharing the healing power and wisdom of Divine Mother with friends and family. They are available in $10, $25, $50, $100 denominations.
Break through to the land of miracles where you can find peace. Divine Mother will explain about miracles, guide us to find what the greatest miracle is, and how to embrace it.
Divine Mother helps us clear the slate to make room for expansion. Whether we find ourselves suddenly beginning over or whether we desire to make our goals happen, we will learn how letting go is the impetus for new and better creations.
Ascension is your birthright. How can we embrace its Divine Blessings? Divine Mother will explain this phenomenon and clarify its significance.
Divine Mother knows how to release the density of depression. Let her show you how to permanently free yourself from the prison of depression and break into a new freedom. You deserve to be light and expansive and full of joy.
Connect with the Christ within as this holiday season brings forth the energies of the Christ Consciousness. Experience the Christ Presence and receive His message of Love and transformation for the modern age.
Trust, also known by some as Faith, is creative; it can manifest what you want. Learn to create with the Divine power of Trust. You can do this because you are a Divine Being. Divine Mother will show you how.
This deep healing will help free you from many of the beliefs and attitudes that block the wealth and abundance you deserve. Let Divine Mother guide you into the place where old karmic patterns can be dissolved and Truth can be renewed.
Let the flow of Abundance fill your life. Activate its flow for now and always. Divine Mother will dissolve obstacles to that flow, guide you into it, and teach you how to sustain it.
Your physical body anchors your Divine Self in the frequencies of Planet Earth. Divine Mother will bring you into a place where your body is receiving the Divine Template of Health which regenerates our physical bodies for maximum strength and stability.
What do Higher Self and Inner Child have in common and how are they different? Both need to be explored and embraced for maximum fulfillment.
The mystery of Life is unfolding for you. Life is taking on new dimensions. Gain self-confidence in this process. Divine Mother will give it to you: It's time to embrace the mystery without fear.
What happens when you become so established in Self-Love that it guides your entire way of thinking, feeling, and acting? Your expanded heart, home of Divine Mother, sees you through what used to be life's challenges, and you receive them as blessings.
It's everywhere: talk of Oneness, Unity, Enlightenment, Wholeness. Seekers of all kinds wonder 'How close am I?' In this healing, Divine Mother will lift you significantly higher, and confirm your space, place, and pace of evolution.
If you have ever felt dominated, abused, used, forced, or controlled, you may have lost a part of yourself. Now is the time to bring it back. Divine Mother will explain how at times we can lose parts of ourselves, hide ourselves, give up ourselves.
A sudden loss of any kind can be devastating. Let Divine Mother heal you and share with you Her power and the wisdom to endure, arise, and recreate. Let Her lift the burden of loss and focus you on the next step into Love.
What do we learn though losses and gains? Why is it painful to lose and what is the gift in every loss? Divine Mother will clarify the process so you can always gain more than you lose.
You don't need a newsfeed to discover that it's rough out there. Learn how to flow with turbulent change, and even blossom into your Divine purpose.
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