Apply Ascending Light to lift yourself out of any dense, heavy, uncomfortable condition.
Learn how to keep the energy field around your body strong and resilient to outer influences.
We can become trapped by other people's energy and can't get back into our own center. Try this to get out from under bondage.
This energy healing tool will break up the vibrational structures that repetitive negative thinking creates to enslave us to the past.
This technique returns you to your True Self. Use it when you feel someone or some group has taken your power.
Divine Mother tool for canceling spells and curses, with explanation of how to use the tool
The Divine Mother tool gives you a procedure for clearing your house (or any building).
This Divine Mother tool gives you a process to clear ancestral karma.
This Divine Mother tool will assist you in clearing negative thoughts from your mental field.
This tool gives you complete instructions for closing your aura to limited energies
After using several of the vibrational healing techniques you could be very settled and deep. To bring you back to the activity of the outer world this “Closing” is recommended.
Complete set of 25 Divine Mother tools and more....
Divine Mother guides you in a process to create a flow of love between you.
Use the deep go command tool for clearing the deepest traumas
You deserve to have Divine Grace. This technique places you in the center of Divine energy.
Illuminate yourself and others with Light. This tool lifts your vibration & dissolves obstacles to your connection to Mother God.
Fill yourself with Divine Love. You will learn to heal yourself and others with the most powerful energy in the universe.
The most soothing energy in the creation is the liquid love flowing from Divine Mother's heart. Drench yourself in Divine Nectar.
This technique centers you in the Truth of who you are which makes it very difficult to lie.
Take control of your life by releasing limited energies & negative thought forms & centering yourself in Divine Mothers power.
Our Gift Cards are perfect for sharing the healing power and wisdom of Divine Mother with friends and family. They are available in $10, $25, $50, $100 denominations.
A collection of short, abbreviated versions of Divine Mother’s healing tools to use during your busy day.
This list provides a recommended sequence for a full healing session, plus a short version, plus optional additional tools to use as needed.
The power in life comes from the heart. Use this technique daily to heal your heart and create a richer experience of life.
Instructions for use of the Divine Names Connie invokes to begin all Divine Mother Guidance and Healing sessions.
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