Guess who wants to be your Valentine? Divine Mother loves you unconditionally.
Jump into the vision. You know how life can be lived without fear, shame, and unworthiness. You know the depth of Love and Joy available. Divine Mother will teach you how to BE all of it.
Divine Mother is accelerating our growth in consciousness and bringing us into a Divine Life.
Learn to accept your gifts from this abundant universe. Divine Mother wants you to have everything. By accepting what you have, you create more. Acceptance is a law of abundance. Learn more about this Divine Law and receive the abundance you deserve.
You are a Divine Being in a physical form. This is the most important thing for you to embrace in order to heal your life.
Let Divine Mother heal the fear of accepting who you are and empower your Divine Purpose for this life.
Divine Mother wants to teach you how to heal with Her energy. She will move you to the place within where you are one with Her and create healing with Divine Power.
It is no mistake that animals inhabit this planet with humans. Animals are here to assist humans in their rise in consciousness. Learn what they are doing for us and how you can receive this blessing.
Divine Mother will wake up our Inner Perception that keeps our subtle senses in the dark. She will give us knowledge of what Inner Perception is and how to use it.
Divine Mother will fine tune our capacity to balance high levels of energy by moving more Ascending Light into our cellular and atomic levels at this time of increased Cosmic energy accompanied by sometimes turbulent earth changes.
You were meant for Wholeness. We often get confused by the roles that gender identities prescribe. Let's remove blocks that create the imbalance in the masculine and feminine energies and empower the path to the Wholeness that you are.
I am Divine Mother. I know who you are. When you are in your Self, you are growing and changing with joy and delight. When you are caught in the cage of a small self-identity, you are unsure of yourself, afraid, and lack self-confidence.
Let the Universe support you. You deserve wealth. Money is a flow of energy. Learn how to welcome its flow into your life. Step into your heart, step into your purpose, step into your prosperity.
Treat yourself with Love. Dissolve blame and shame from the past and open new habits of self-worth, honor, and nobility of presence. You are a Divine Being in a physical form, and Divine Mother will break the fears of the past.
It's time to change. The lost power is within you. Divine Mother will reveal it and show you how to claim your power and use it to heal yourself and others.
Power grows as you evolve. The ego can grasp that power and abuse it. This is dangerous to you and others and can cause dire consequences for the spiritually advanced. Divine Mother wants you to avoid this. Her help is necessary.
Prepare for the dynamism of 2018. Catch the wave of transformation in consciousness that this year is all about. Divine Mother will set us up for receiving the gifts of awakened consciousness.
Receive deep healing for this powerful energy center. Divine Mother will unleash its power and free the deep pain of restraining the light within you.
Divine Mother will heal your chakras and awaken your divine sexual energy in the context of Truth, honesty, openness and Love.
Connect with the Christ within as this holiday season brings forth the energies of the Christ Consciousness. Experience the Christ Presence and receive His message of Love and transformation for the modern age.
Jesus Christ will be here to open you to Love, and then show you how to allow Love to hold you in its heart forever. When you are held in Love's heart, you can only respond lovingly to every situation.
Your energy field could be carrying ancient issues. Let's clear them! This session will release old pain, blocks and parasitic energies that have hung on for lifetimes. Become refreshed and renewed as we walk into the Divine Life.
Divine wealth is available. We just need to change our point of view and heal the pain of unworthiness.
St. Germain wants to show us what we are capable of being. He will release the old patterns of fear and work with us to lift ourselves into the Divine Calling of this Ascending planet.
The path of devotion takes great courage and provides profound awakening. At the same time, it heals deeply and opens our hearts. Experience the surrender of the path of devotion and understand its capacity for Divine Union.
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